20th Anniversary Season Launching in June

Season 19 Episodes Now Airing on MotorTrendTV

Season 19 Episodes Now Airing on MotorTrendTV

Sticker Shock

Everything is getting more expensive and one place that it seems to have hit the hardest is the truck market. A new specialty half ton can go for over 100,000 dollars, so today we will talk about how to protect your investment and a couple of the top quick and easy upgrades. Bruno also takes in the sights at the 2023 sema show.

Get It Outdoors

Today is all about getting outdoors whether for the day or overnight. Bruno has a newer F150 he will be setting up for day trips while Matt focus on an older F150 that will be setup for overnight stays in nature.

Big Grande Truck

There are some trucks that do exactly what they were designed to do, and todays truck is not one of them. The guys work on an F250 that is starting its journey to being a show truck, sure it can still pull and go offroad but after its custom painted lift and shiny big wheels, you’ll be second guessing if you should.

Abused Farm Truck

There are some trucks that do exactly what they were designed to do, and todays truck is one of them. The guys work on a Ram Power Wagon that lives its life on the farm, but farm life its always easy. They will rebuild the front axle, so it can continue to do it duties down on the farm.

Jeep Addendum

Jeep has been in a league of its own for many years but that’s not the case anymore. With the new competition entering the field Matt and Bruno will show what makes the Jeep unique, will outfitting it for a local dealer. They also touch up a Tahoe with rough paint, for better resale.

Bronco Options

Today the focus is on the Ford Bronco. Matt and Bruno will show some of the great options available to make a bronco uniquely yours. They take this stock Outer Banks and make it stand out in a crowd with just a few common upgrades.

Keep It Shifting

Ram trucks are a powerhouse in the world of towing where reliability is key. Unfortunately, one place they fall short is the transmissions. Today, Matt and Bruno deep dive in to the 68RFE transmission and replace this one with a new bullet-proofed transmission.

Matt Knows Tundra

Matt doesn’t hide the fact he loves his Tundra, and when a friend recently picked up a brand new one, he handed it over and told him to build it anyway he wanted. From a lift, to oversized wheels and tires and all the necessary accessories they’ll get this truck sitting just right.

So Close C10

The owner of a C10 has done a lot of nice work on his truck himself, but he ran out of time to finish some interior stuff, wiring and some work on the drivetrain. So Matt and Bruno pick up the slack and get this C10 closer to the finish line.

TJ Veteran

This orange TJ is owned by a veteran that is always helping others, today we are going to return the favor and get some things done that he has been putting off. We will protect the body inside and out and add some much need armor and recovery.

Just Enough Cylinders

With today’s engine power out puts, you don’t necessarily need a V8 to do some moderate hauling. We will outfit this V6 Ram to be able to tow more comfortably with better oil cooling, better stopping, and get a couple wish list items knocked off every truck should have.

JK Out West

There are two different landscapes when it comes to offroading east and west. While building a vehicle for either maybe similar this owner wants to go west, so will get this jeep ready for just that. Body protection, recovery, a common problem and more today on Truck U.

K10 Touch Up

Today we have a K10 in the shop but today this great looking 4x4 pickup is here to be given some attention after 20 years. First will get this engine running right with an EFI, then we will take care of some worn out items and couple things the owner just doesn’t like.

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