About Truck U

As a how-to show dedicated exclusively to trucks, 4x4s and SUVs, Truck U finds monster-truck expert Matt Steele and master mechanic Bruno Massel tackling hands-on projects from DIY maintenance on pickups and SUVs, to serious off-road performance upgrades on Jeeps and ATVs. Matt and Bruno bring humor and fun to the shop, while sharing useful how-to tips on everything from custom paint jobs to metal fabrication.


Bruno began tinkering in the family drag racing business shortly after graduating college, and quickly became a regular contender on the NHRA national tour. In 2001, he took on a new role at the track as a commentator for the IHRA racing series. A two-time NHRA World Champion, Bruno brings his years of experience on the track, at the garage and in the announce booth to Truck U, which he has co-hosted since 2007.


Matt has been hosting motorsports events for more than 20 years – everything from local mud-bog races to Monster Jam events in front of sold out stadiums of 70,000 fans. An all-around outdoors enthusiast, Matt is a successful entrepreneur who owns and runs the mud-themed off-road event series Trucks Gone Wild. Matt brings his expertise and enthusiasm to Truck U, which he has co-hosted since its premiere in 2005.