20th Anniversary Season Now Airing on MotorTrendTV!

Take a look back with Bruno and Matt on 20 Years of Truck U: 

Season 20 Episodes (now airing on MotorTrendTV)

Season 20 Episodes (now airing on MotorTrendTV)

Powered Bronco

The owner of this 1995 Bronco has been wanting modern power side steps for years but hasn’t been able to find any, so Bruno and Matt will fabricate some brackets and modify a set of steps to work on this old Bronco. The guys also take a look at the tired power steering pump.

Rusty F100

This Ford F100 is the very definition of a sleeper, equipped with a built 351 Windsor, Crown Vic suspension, and good brakes. Bruno and Matt will get the truck running reliably with an EFI before doing a small part of the much-needed rust repair.

Superduty Redo

This F350 isn’t new to the shop; a few years ago, the turbo was rebuilt. But after many years of trucking, the turbo is acting up, so this week it’s getting replaced. Meanwhile, Matt and Bruno will address some issues with the truck’s interior.

Offroad Track Day

Bruno and Matt are working on a few vehicles that get to live at an offroad paradise. Two Can Am Maverick X3s will get repairs and upgrades, and a Ford Raptor is getting a new set of shocks to better handle the offroad track. Once the work is done, the guys will take these vehicles out on the course to see how they perform.

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