Full Episodes

Fire It Up

Matt and Bruno fire the engine on their Race Truck project and demonstrate how to build new brake lines.

Custom Racing Dash

Matt and Bruno add the motor and transmission to the Race Truck Project, and Bruno builds a new customized dash console complete with new gauges.

Mega Truck

Matt brings in his buddy’s mega mud truck to upgrade the transfer case for his next big event.

Race Truck Rear Axle

Matt and Bruno tear apart the rear axle of the Truck U “Race Truck” and show how to properly change out the bearings.

Slick Silverado

Matt and Bruno add a six-inch lift kit to a Chevy Silverado and then give this new truck some attitude by installing some mean looking bumpers.

TJ Trailer

Matt and Bruno build a custom TJ Trailer out of two jeep tubs.

Race Truck Frame

Our Race Truck frame gets a face lift and we learn some new technology in the world of wheels.

Cat Back

Matt and Bruno focus on the Catalytic Converter. Find a new way to protect the Converter from getting stolen.

Cummins Diesel-Built to Last

One million miles may sound like a lot – but NOT for a Cummins Diesel engine. Today, we’ll find out what makes these incredible engines built to last.

Ask the Hosts

Whether they are on the road, or in the garage, Bruno and Matt find answers to technical questions everyday. Today, they will answer some of your viewer questions while working on a new truck.

Steering Geometry

Learn why a truck’s steering geometry is such an important issue to address after installing a lift kit on your truck.

Work and Play #2

Work continues on the Dodge Work and Play Project Truck. Today we help the ride with a wireless air system and add much need storage.