Full Episodes

Diesel Track Truck

The gloves are off….so is the exhaust, DPF, and anything else that makes our diesel track truck street legal. Today a King Ranch is getting ready for a date with the drag strip.

Shop Misinformation

Matt and Bruno show you what a car dealership is going to look for when your truck hits a 100-thousand miles to determine its trade in value. Matt and Bruno show you what kind of repairs you can do yourself to get the most value on your truck.

Commander vs Razor

What UTV should you buy? Should it be a Can Am Commander or a Razor RZR? Matt and Bruno show you what kind of upgrades you can do to each of them, and then they have some fun on the trails!

Construction Work Truck

You’ve Seen Matt and Bruno’s skills in the garage; now check out their skills on the job site. We’ll take one worker’s truck and make the repairs by quitting time.

Chassis Jig

Matt and Bruno teach you how to build a chassis jig from scratch.

Donor Truck

Its time to start planning our next project. We get some ideas and find some usable parts from a donor truck.

Truck Science

Matt and Bruno explore some myths about your truck that you may not have thought about before.

Chevy Common Problems

Chevy owners listen up. Matt and Bruno show you how to fix some common problems you may find on your trucks.

Race Day

Matt and Bruno give the Race Truck project a shake down run at a local track and find some track time for our tow vehicle too.

Golf Cart Build-Off

Matt and Bruno go head to head in a Golf Cart Build-Off. Find out what the guys do to build the ultimate golf cart.

Ready to Race

Bruno and Matt put the final touches on the Race Truck project by adding a custom race seat and hanging the new body.

Work Truck

Matt and Bruno take a stock Ford and get it ready for the work site by installing a Cargo Rack and add more load capacity to the suspension.