Federated Service Truck

Why build a regular work truck, when you can build the Ultimate Work Truck. Our challenge today is to take a stock 2013 Silverado and outfit it from head to toe, and when we’re done, it’s going to be given away.

Ford EcoBoost

Its our first look at the Ford EcoBoost V6 engine, and we don’t leave anything stock. We’ll keep the more efficient engine and add some power today on Truck U.

Tundra Daily Driver

Matt and Bruno bring in a 2009 Tundra daily driver and give it a better ride and better look for the owner’s daily commute.


Any shop can misdiagnose a problem. All that means is more trips back to the shop for you. Today Bruno and Matt take a look at some of the most commonly misdiagnosed problems and help you fix them for good.

Blazer TLC

Matt and Bruno go to work on a 1986 Blazer that needs some TLC.

Time for Toys

Time to get the toys out of the garage. The weather has changed, and we want to make sure our RV, boat, and UTV are ready to roll.

Construction Work Truck

You’ve Seen Matt and Bruno’s skills in the garage; now check out their skills on the job site. We’ll take one worker’s truck and make the repairs by quitting time.

Head to Head

We go Head to Head with two of Jeeps most talked about engines. The solid 4.0L versus the 3.8L.

Ram Runner

Ram Runner! It’s Dodge’s version of the Ford Raptor and we’ll show it you in action on Truck U.

Can you Handle This

Bruno and Matt see what they can do to improve the handling and sway on a 2001 GMC. Plus they setup a very Cool Ram Runner Project. You won’t want to miss it!

Medium Duty Maintenance

Big trucks need love to. So we turn our attention to a GMC 5500 that needs maintenance before its next trip.

Blazer Trial

It’s the case of wreck the truck and pass the buck. A 1990 Blazer broke on the trail, but who’s at fault? Matt and Bruno gather evidence and make a final ruling on Truck U.