Episode Clips

Collector Truck

Collector Truck

Matt and Bruno install a portable bedwood kit on a collector 1946 Ford Truck and we give the truck a mini restoration under the hood.

Trail Rocker

Trail Rocker

It’s time for the ultimate axle reconstructive surgery.We install brand new Dana 44 axles on a 2008 Jeep Jk 4 wheel drive.

Off-Road Toyota

Off-Road Toyota

Bruno and Matt have earned some vacation time, but before they get to take a break they need to finish work on the 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4wd. The guys transform a Toyota into a Expedition vehicle that can light up any path in its way.

Turbo rebuild

See what it takes to rebuild a turbo charger in a 7.3L Diesel on this episode of Truck U.

Modern Scrambler

Matt and Bruno transform a modern Jeep LJ into a vintage CJ-8 scrambler.

Patina C-10

Matt and Bruno work on a vintage C-10 with a few modern conveniences.

Chase Truck

The guys get a stock Chevy 2500 ready for Desert Racing.

Slammed S10

Matt and Bruno put an S-10 on bags to give the truck a more improved look with better handling.

C-10 Body Panels

Bruno and Matt show you what to look for when repairing body panels on your old truck.

Rock Buggy

Our rock buggy chassis is ready for some major components, we’re going to bolt on some headers, cut holes for gauges, and even make mounts for a fuel cell.

Low Center Jeep JK

If you want to know what makes a low center of gravity so important on a jeep you won’t want to miss this episode.

Alligator Hunter

How do you catch Gators faster? Get a custom lift crane and some heavy-duty brakes. Finish it off with a custom theme song from Steel Panther and you’ve got a truck ready for the hunt.