Episode Clips

Flip This Ford

How do you get a truck to sell faster on a dealership? Bring it to Truck U and let them have their way with it. See if Matt and Bruno can Flip this Ford on Truck U.

Donor Truck

Today on Truck U, we’ll show you what it takes to pick out the right donor truck for your next project and give you an inside look at some of the problems areas inside the engine.

4 WD Conversion

What does it take to go from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive? A new transfer case, front axle and transmission parts to name a few. Your not going to want miss this 4 wheel drive conversion today on Truck U.

C-10 Frame Off Resto

Matt and Bruno give a C10 Truck frame a 2-inch drop and add on some cool new stuff.

Diesel No Start

The guys diagnose and a repair a crank, no start problem on a Ford Powerstroke


Matt and Bruno will show you what it takes to take a stock 2 wheel drive Jeep and make it 4 wheel drive.

Dodge Ram Tow Truck

When you buy a new Dodge Ram Truck there are certain things you’ll want to do to get it ready to tow your toys..

Show and Go

Matt and Bruno bring in a 1982 GMC that has a lot of show and even more go. They’ll do some custom modifications to the cummins engine and dress up the exterior.

Diesel Puller

When it takes almost 900 horsepower to pull a pro sled truck down the track, things are going to break. Truck U steps in, to take out broken axles and upgrade them for good.

Ultimate Chase Truck

Desert Race Teams need support when they’re in the middle of nowhere. We’ll help one of those teams, by turning a stock Raptor SVT into the Ultimate Chase Truck.

Signature Series Jeep

When 4 Wheel Parts ask Truck U to build a signature series Jeep, we said yes. We’ll add a long arm suspension kit with 37 inch tires and take the new JK offroad.


Can Am Commanders are perfect for work and play. On Truck U we do a little of both.